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I’m still alive.

This is a status update of sorts, for anyone who is following this blog and wondering what happened. Work. School. Random internet entanglements. All three somehow happened around the same time and squeezed out that free time I used to … Continue reading

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Don’t Hate Anime

And now, for something different, I present the words of Quentin Tarentino, putting film crit hulk in his place: “And I mean if you want to do this for a fucking living and you’re absolutely serious, then never hate a movie. … Continue reading

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Notes on Azuma’s Otaku Database Animals (6. The Dissociated Human)

Part Five There is a contradiction to Azuma’s arguments thus far; within otaku culture, there is an increasing interest in the drama within a work. If there is no need for a grand narrative, real or fake, then why is there more … Continue reading

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Art, Entertainment, and Postmodernism

Recently I had a debate with the reddit user baal_zebub over the distinction between art and entertainment. What follows is a somewhat reduced down version of the debate. It is still really long though, so don’t read this if you’re … Continue reading

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What I hope to accomplish with this blog

So, first off, I’m not yet sure if this is going to be an anime blog or a multi-topic one. But, I’m going to start it as an anime blog and see where it goes from there. It probably won’t … Continue reading

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