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Analysis #2: Dance in the Vampire Bund – Episode 7, Akira and Mina fight

So, for the second entry of the Analysis Series, I chose my favorite scene from an unpopular anime. This is by no means an attempt to convince you that the anime was actually good; if you’ve been following my blog … Continue reading

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More Smut

The title of this post has a slight double meaning. The first and obvious meaning is that I intend to discuss this topic even more. The second meaning is that the discussion topic will this time cover shows with either … Continue reading

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When a pair of breasts take up the entire screen, the possible reactions are many. The first is titillation, briefly stirring sexual impulses. The second is indifference, because fanservice is old hat and that’s not even good fanservice. The third … Continue reading

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Art, Entertainment, and Postmodernism

Recently I had a debate with the reddit user baal_zebub over the distinction between art and entertainment. What follows is a somewhat reduced down version of the debate. It is still really long though, so don’t read this if you’re … Continue reading

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