I’m BrickSalad, born and raised in Iowa. For my undergrad I studied physics in Pennsylvania, now I’m taking a little break before grad school. I got into anime my sophomore year of college, so I don’t have that experience of growing up with it that many other anime fans have. I wasn’t a fan at all while I was growing up, though I respected Miyazaki and had fond memories of childhood shows (digimon, yu-gi-oh, and the like) I was actually getting interested in Chinese film around the time I was introduced to Gurren Lagann by a friend. Of course, there’s only one reasonable reaction in my situation: “Chinese film? Bah, it’s time for anime!”

So, by now, I’ve been an anime fan for 3 years. I actually have a philosophical attachment to animation because I consider it the ultimate artform, one in which the artist has complete control over time and space. You start from nothing and build a story with sound, art, and motion. It’s like film but with a sense of made-ness that rules out anything that the artist didn’t intend. The reason I love japanese animation is not just because I consider it the most mature realization of this medium, but also because foreign culture fascinates me. Just like I was into Chinese film for like a whole month there. Anyways, even though my description of why I’m a fan may sound pretentious, I’m actually the type of guy who will watch anything. I have no genre preferences, and I enjoy smut as much as I enjoy art. My tastes in anime tend towards those with interesting artwork, even if the story sucks.

Umm, what else to say? I’m 23, male, speak spanish mediocrely, I love music above just about anything else (except anime these days, but my love affair with music goes back much longer). I play saxophone, drums, marimba, and even a bit of guitar (though I still suck considerably at that one). I’m a metalhead by nature, though I listen to pop, classical, and even the occasional jazz tune. My all time favorite band is King Crimson.

If you’re interested in judging my tastes statistically, I do have an account on MAL too. Please don’t look at the reviews I posted there though, they’re rather amateurish and embarrass me.


3 Responses to About

  1. I thought your notes on Azuma’s work were really thorough, and I forwarded them to a couple of friends. I think your take on why you like Japanese 2-D is one of the most concise and on-point I’ve ever seen on a blog.

    Would you be interested in exchanging links? I’m also interested in considering 2-D in a more rigorous sense; my angle focuses a bit on the literary.

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