What I hope to accomplish with this blog

So, first off, I’m not yet sure if this is going to be an anime blog or a multi-topic one. But, I’m going to start it as an anime blog and see where it goes from there. It probably won’t be frequently updated, and I intend to write with a “quality over quantity” mindset.

When I thought about the idea of making an anime blog, I asked myself the question “Why should there be yet another blog?” The answer was obvious; “because it may be worth reading”. Okay, so this means that above all else, I should strive to make my blog worth reading. And what would make it worth reading amongst all the anime blogs out there? Especially, how can I guarentee that every entry is worth reading?

I decided then that I needed to adopt a policy. I’m going to call this policy “one new thing”. For every entry, I need to say something that’s not been said. New thoughts, new information, new analysis, new conclusions. It’s all about the new.

Does this mean that I might be a shallow fool persuing novelty at the expense of depth? Of course. But, fear not, I do not intend to define my novelty in terms of randomness nor do I intend to rely on allusions to other spheres of thought as my source of inspiration.

Okay, so what can you expect? Well, I probably won’t review anime on an episodic basis. That would make my “one new thing” policy hard to implement, since I’d have to read every other blog post on that episode that made it into the blog world. So, this blog will be oriented towards editorials, with perhaps the occasional anime review.

You can count on me to be opinionated, offensive, self-contradictory, and even flat out wrong. It will happen, and I offer no apologies in advance. If that sounds enticing, then welcome to my blog and merry reading!

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